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Triton Key Machine: How To Engrave A Key | Mr. Locksmith Victoria. The Triton by Lock Labs is an all-in-one key cutting machine with the ability to generate & duplicate keys. From automotive to residential, tibbe to tubular and even key engraving. Controlled by a 7” touchscreen, the Triton provides step-by-step guidance throughout each of its features, making it one of the easiest key cutting machines to operate. Though its core operations are very intuitive and feature for more seasoned users or for those who will read the manual.

Triton Key Machine

The Triton code machine high security code machine. I sort of just went into this making keys and hacking around and making mistakes. The Triton has an engraving function. So this is the engraving jaw. It’s really quite simple. You just slide it in, all the way to the end, lock her down. I’ve got a job I’m working on right now. And I’m engraving, I won’t say master, but I’m have the AA key, the A key and the AA1, AA2, so I’m just going to show you what I have here. We turn on the machine. So the screen is quite easy. I want to use the engraving function. So I have the engraving jaw in there. I want to go engraving. Now I can type in what I want, but what I’m going to do right now, I have already a saved one. So we can type in, move it around. I’m just going to go to my favorites. I just got, I use this for the Primus keys mostly, or I’ll type in AA1, AA2. It’s just a nice function to have on this high security key cutter. This is a preset one I’ve already done and played with. And I’m just going to hit cut. Just take it out. I wouldn’t do this on hundreds of keys, but for my Primus keys, I’ll do it. And I’ll do it for when I have the master keys. I’ll put it like AA1, I’ll engrave, ’cause it just looks so nice. So I only do this on the good keys. I wouldn’t do it on like hundreds or thousands, but hey, short runs of 10, plus I’m having some fun putting the friends’ names on their keys and giving it to them. Never put the address of the building name. So always keep it generic.

How To Engrave A Key Triton Key Machine

Triton Key Machines Features:

  • A 12-volt power adapter (sold separately) that will allow you to operate the machine with nothing more than the power from your vehicle cigarette lighter.
  • Unlimited, free updates for the life of your machine. Machine updates occur via Wi-Fi (no need to connect to your PC).
  • Removable chip tray for easy clean-up without having to unmount the machine from your bench or vehicle.
  • Bolt down kit (sold separately) for the safe and secure mounting of your machine to the surface of your choice.
  • A patented 4-way jaw (included) design that is capable of handling an overwhelming majority of all automotive key cutting needs.
  • A fully-integrated, all-in-one design that includes onboard storage for all cutting bits and tracers.
  • 2-year warranty which protects against all machine failures that result from flaws in manufacturing.
How To Engrave A Key Triton Key Machine

How To Engrave A Key Triton Key Machine

List of recommended & replacement accessories:

  • TRJ2 Single-Sided Jaw (residential, commercial and single-sided automotive)
  • TRJ3 Tubular Jaw (decode and cut tubular keys)
  • TRJ4 Tibbe Jaw (decode and cut tibbe keys)
  • TRJ5 Engraving Jaw (customize customer keys with your logo or help them stay organized with key labels)
  • TRC4 Engraving Cutter
  • TRC3A Sharp Dimple Cutter
  • TRC3B Shallow Dimple Cutter
  • TRD2 Dimple Decoder
  • TRC1 2.0 Standard Replacement Cutter
  • TRC2 1.9mm Cutter
  • TRD1 Standard Replacement Decoder
  • TBD1 Mounting Kit
  • TRA4 12-Volt Vehicle Power Adapter (fully power your Triton with nothing more than than a vehicle cigarette lighter)
Triton Key Machine Engraved Key

Triton Key Machine Engraved Key

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Triton Key Machine: How To Engrave A Key