April 20th Lockout Special

Mr. Locksmith April 20th

April 20th (420) is just around the corner, and while I won’t be joining the celebrations in Centennial Square, I wanted to celebrate in our own way. That’s why, every job I go to on April 20th will receive free munchies and orange juice.

Mr. Locksmith munchies Mr.Locksmith orange juice

Mr. Locksmith specializes in lockouts and opening locked doors. I’m a 4th generation locksmith who has been in the industry for more then 13 years. I have been picking locks since I was a kid, my dad used to wrap my christmas presents up with a chain and some padlocks. I’ve gotten pretty good at opening locked doors.

If you choose to celebrate 420, please do so responsibly. If you somehow manage to lose your keys while doing so, Mr. Locksmith Victoria, the lockout specialist, will get you back into your house and bring you Orange Juice and Munchies.

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