3 Ways You Unknowingly Invite Burglars into Your Home

Though you may not realize, many of the steps you take as part of your daily routine may actually make you more susceptible to burglaries. Here are 3 ways you unknowingly invite burglars into your home.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Noticeable Consumption
We get it, you are proud of your acquisitions and your possessions. There is no shame in that as you have worked hard to obtain all these items after all. However, remember a constant stream of boxes littered on obvious places in your house such as TV boxes scattered by the trash bin outside, online shopping shipments delivered to your homes, etc. is one way to get you noticed. Remember, robbers usually scout neighborhoods and mark potential homes as targets before committing a robbery and if you are constantly leaving traces of your purchases outside your home, you may be as well as pointing a big red arrow towards your house. Source: 63RealEstate

Leaving the Doors and Windows Unlocked
Over a third of burglars enter the house through the front door. After knocking to confirm no one is home, they’ll test the door to see if it’s unlocked. An alarming number of times they’ll discover they’ve hit the jackpot and walk right in. Keep your doors locked, even if you’re just running the kids to school or walking the dog. As a law enforcement officer, I took several reports of burglaries that occurred while the homeowner was right in the backyard playing with the kids. So don’t assume your presence will scare him away.
Don’t be fooled; the second floor of your home isn’t burglar-proof. In fact, he’ll use the ladder you left out last weekend to access your home’s second floor windows with ease. Keep all windows closed and locked, and be sure they are outfitted with window alarm sensors. Should a burglar attempt to enter, you’ll know right away. Don’t overlook securing small windows, like those commonly found in basements and bathrooms. An adult might not be able to fit through it, but sadly, some burglars will force their children though, who then unlock the front door for the burglar to enter. Source: SafeWise

Lack of a Security System
When keeping your home safe, it’s important to leverage all your assets. This could be neighbors, proper gardening, and the police. But with cops on call several miles away, it’s unlikely that a law-abiding passerby will report a break-in. A security system can help automate this whole process for you, using censors to detect intrusion and reporting the incident to the security company, who can contact the proper authorities. You’ll need allies in your fight against burglars, and a security system is your Bat Signal. Source: ProtectYourHome

Reconsider your daily routine to determine whether you are unknowingly leaving your home open to burglaries. If you want to know more about ways to secure your home, contact us now!

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